Services for Animal Shelters

Trish Kissing Shelter Dog
Working with puppies at the MO500 dogfighting bust.

With two decades of involvement in animal sheltering in three countries, including nearly 8 years with the ASPCA, Trish is available to consult on a wide variety of shelter behavior issues, from intake to enrichment, rehabilitation, assessment, adoptability criteria-setting, and post-adoption support. Trish is a popular speaker at conferences worldwide, and has a knack for explaining difficult topics in understandable terms.

Our most comprehensive shelter behavior offering is the Shelter Dog Behavior Mentorship, run twice each year. There are 13 modules, with Zoom meetings every two weeks as well as a group setting for troubleshooting issues with help from your peers as well.

This course is fully online, and modules can be accessed for a full calendar year. The graduate peer mentorship group is open to anyone who has taken the course.

Consults & Seminars

Remote consulting services for shelters is available by phone or Zoom, at $100 an hour.  You can book your own Zoom consult.

Webinars on the topics listed below, or other subject matter personalized for your shelter can be scheduled for $250 each (60 minutes plus Q and A). The live version will be recorded, and a personal Youtube link will be sent for your shelter to use in future staff trainings. To book a webinar, you can pay for the webinar first and then email me at with your choice of topics.

If you would like Trish to travel to consult with your shelter in person, or to speak at your conference, please email directly,


Conference & Webinar Topics

  • Canine body language
  • Feline body language
  • Dog play
  • Breaking up dog fights
  • Dog handling
  • Defensive dog handling
  • Dog-dog introductions
  • Cat handling
  • Cat clicker training
  • Leash manners for shelter dogs
  • The Five Freedoms
  • Fostering dogs
  • Fostering cats
  • Marketing dogs for adoption
  • Enrichment for shelter dogs
  • Enrichment for shelter cats
  • Litter box problems in shelter cats
  • Behavior modification for shelter dogs
  • Food and resource guarding in shelter dogs
  • Managing overaroused dogs in kennels
  • Behavioral assessments
  • Aggression in shelter dogs
  • Behavioral euthanasia
  • Working with fearful dogs
  • Is it all how they’re raised?
  • Socializing dogs
  • Community outreach
  • Setting behavioral criteria for adoption
  • Matching adopters to pets – review of adoption policies and procedures
  • Horse clicker training
  • Caring for horses in the shelter
  • Horse enrichment
Litter Box Problems lecture G2Z conference, Australia
Litter Box Problems lecture G2Z conference, Australia

I thoroughly recommend the services of Loehr Animal Behavior for both pet owners and for animal welfare and management organisations and departments. Trish’s considerable behavior knowledge and experience extends across many species and applications. In addition, Trish is a very engaging speaker and trainer of people, making them feel comfortable in the learning environment. Trish can assist in reviewing organisation policies, programs and processes right through to working with individual animals on the ground. Trish has significant industry, animal handling and communication skills that are combined with a refreshing empathy and understanding. Staff, management, pet owners (and the pets themselves!) will enjoy Trish’s gentle, honest and down to earth approach.

~Nell Thompson, G2Z, Victoria, Australia

I am a professional animal behaviorist who works with a municipal animal control facility. I used Trish’s services to help facilitate staff meetings on our behavior policy, and subsequently draft and publish our shelter’s adoptability criteria. Trish’s help was absolutely invaluable to us. She is incredibly knowledgeable, one of the most talented in the industry. She worked well with everyone from our experienced animal control staff to our administrators. Using her expertise and guidance, we were able to create a very sound policy, that was clearly explained and keeps the public safe, while giving animals a fair chance at adoption. I would highly recommend her to all pet parents and professionals needing help.

~Gia Savocchi, NY

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Trish in numerous professional capacities. Her knowledge is second to none, she is definitely one of the top professionals in the industry. I have been working with dogs for nearly 20 years and am a Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant myself. Trish is someone I trust to go to for quality advice when needed on dog behaviour cases. Not only is Trish knowledgeable, she is also incredibly kind, empathic and a joy to work with.

~Sarah Dixon, BC, Canada

As a shelter employee, Trish opened my eyes to new ideas and industry best practices, which saved more lives and made happier adopters.  As a board member for my small rescue group, Trish reminds us of our mission and keeps us on track to being a progressive, smart, grass roots organization.  I cannot imagine my path in animal welfare without the guidance of Trish McMillan.

~Jennifer Bristol, NYC