Services for Horses

If you’d like gentle, positive-reinforcement based solutions to your horse’s behavior issues, give us a call! Some common behavior issues we can help you work with are:

  • Trailer loading
  • Mounting block problems
  • Hard to catch horses
  • Haltering and bridling issues
  • Stable vices: weaving, cribbing
  • Manners at feeding time
  • Mental enrichment (ideal for senior and retired horses)
  • Clicker training

Bridling a clicker trained horse is easy! Ask us about clicker training for horses!


$ 100

Currently, sessions are only offered remotely, via phone, FaceTime, Skype or Zoom for $100/hour, or outdoors, within 30 miles of Mars Hill, NC for $125/hour

Setting Up a Consultation

To arrange for a dog behavior consultation, please fill out the behavior history form and the waiver form. You can then set up your appointment using the online booking calendar. Payment is also required prior to the session.