Pandemic Puppies

Hands holding a tiny sleeping puppyPandemic Puppy Package (8-16 Weeks)

Are you having a hard time socializing your puppy due to the pandemic? A little professional help early on can help you have a happy, social puppy later on. Choose your own adventure series to safely expose your new puppy to new people, other animals, and social play with dogs.

One-on-one training:

Outside at my farm in Mars Hill NC, or remotely via Zoom. I will teach you to train your puppy on the basics: obedience cues, handling and husbandry, leash and (if on the farm) greeting manners, etiquette around dogs, cats, horses and farm animals. $100/hour

In-home or on the road training:

We will work outside at your home or in your neighborhood, on walks or hikes, or in and around pet-friendly shops. Teach your puppy to hike the trails with you, and to behave politely around other people and dogs. $125/hour, available within 30 miles of Mars Hill only

training Bailey the puppy to go to his bedPibble Hill training camp:

Drop your puppy off at my farm, and have them trained and socialized by a professional, as well as Pibble Hill’s crew of helpful pets.

  • Half day: (Up to 4 hours) $150 – includes one field trip – Contact me for scheduling and payment.

Puppies must have had two sets of vaccines before joining this program. In-home consultations are available (in your yard only, due to COVID) for puppies younger than this.