Shelter Behavior Hub

The Shelter Behavior Hub is run by Trish McMillan, of McMillan Animal Behavior, LLC. It is a place where animal shelter workers, volunteers, and people interested in shelter behavior work can come for top quality, science-based education on all things shelter behavior.


Our flagship course is the Shelter Dog Behavior Mentorship, run twice a year. This 13 week intensive covers all aspects of shelter behavior, from intake to post-adoption support. With the help of shelter behavior students from all over the world, we explore science and best practices in building your shelter behavior programming to meet and exceed industry standards, and to give every dog in your care the best shot at a new home. There is an emphasis on creating written protocols and policy for your department. The current mentorship is sold out, but please join the waiting list to be first in line for the next one! 


On-demand courses currently offered are: 

Dog Body Language for Shelter Workers

Behavioral Intake for Shelter Dogs

Introduction to Behavioral Euthanasia

Making the Decision for Families: Behavioral Euthanasia


Courses that are offered from time to time are:

Talking to Clients about Behavioral Euthanasia

Shelter Cat Behavior mentorship

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