Shelter Behavior Mentorship

This in-depth, 26 week, 13-module course reviews and explains all aspects of shelter behavior, from intake to enrichment to adoption. Aspects of this course are also applicable to rescue groups and to volunteers, but you’ll get the most out of the course if you have access to the group’s current operating procedure manuals.

Students from all over the world will learn from Trish McMillan, other experts in the field, and one another, take quizzes and submit (optional) homework, and will have the opportunity to construct SOP’s for every part of their shelter where the behavior department has impact. Biweekly Zoom meetings allow participants to get to know one another and chat with Trish, your peers, and other experts in real time. An online discussion group allows us to troubleshoot happenings between course sessions.

  • Module 1: The Five Freedoms, ASV Guidelines and Capacity for Care
  • Module 2: Intake
  • Module 3: Canine Communication and Low-Stress Handling
  • Module 4: All things SOP with Ann Jorgensen
  • Module 5: Working with Volunteers
  • Module 6: Enrichment with Mik Moeller
  • Module 7: Shelter Ninja Handling Techniques
  • Module 8: Dog Play and Social Rehab
  • Module 9: Behavior Modification 1
  • Module 10: Behavior Modification 2
  • Module 11: All Things Foster
  • Module 12: Criteria-setting, BE and Compassion Fatigue
  • Module 13: Adoption and Post Adoption Support